Monday, August 31, 2009

First Meeting, what happened...

The meeting was held as scheduled and it was well attended. I, your loyal recorder of happenings for the time being am just slow in reporting. Please read below for the details...
August 22nd MadRomance Meeting

  1. Statement of Purpose

  2. To form a group supportive of each other and our writing. We are not planning on this being a promotional group. The organization's goal will be to serve and keep the focus on the people in it and their writing, keeping the organization itself in the background.
  3. The reason for starting this group
    There are enough RWA members in Madison who are enthusiastic enough to support our own RWA chapter.

  4. RWA affiliation

    • Pros and Cons
      There were a number on both sides, but consensus seemed to be that the pros outweighed the cons. So, we are proceeding with the RWA chapter affiliation process.

    • Dues requirements

    We hope to keep it to $15 annually.
  5. Name
    Mad City Romance Writers

  6. Meetings
    Middleton Library, Saturday mornings (probably 3rd Saturday) at 9:30 a.m.

  7. Website/Newsletter
    Low maintenance was the key here. Will have a blog that serves as both. Will not break out members as published or unpublished on the site. Will not promote individual authors or their books, contest wins, etc. on the site.

  8. General Group Vision

    • Loop, membership forms, etc.
      We will continue to use the Yahoo group loop already in use. We will try to be as "green" as possible and do as much as possible online (lower paperwork).

    • Funds, needed and plans
      One of our goals is to actually stay small financially. No contests or conferences. There are already a number of conferences within an easy drive of Madison. And numerous contests our members can enter with other chapters.

  9. What we need right now for RWA affiliation process to begin

  10. 15 members are required by RWA. We had that many sign up as interested in joining at the meeting. We are moving on to the next step.
  11. Future goals
    Writers' Retreat paid for by those who attend was mentioned as an option.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Meeting!

Agenda for August 22nd MadRomance Meeting

Date: Saturday, August 22, 2009
Time: 9:30 to 12 (at latest), lunch after at individual expense if interested
Place: Middleton Library, Marion Fuller Archer room (downstairs)... Directions

  1. Statement of Purpose

  2. The reason for starting this group

  3. RWA affiliation

    • Pros and Cons

    • Dues requirements

  4. Name

  5. Meetings

    • Monthly, face-to-face meetings

    • Location (Sequoia Brance, Midvale, other ideas?)

    • Day and Time (Saturday mornings good? Other ideas?)

  6. Website/Newsletter

  7. General Group Vision

    • Loop, membership forms, etc.

    • Funds, needed and plans

    • Conference, retreats, workshops, contests

  8. What we need right now for RWA affiliation process to begin

  9. Long Term Needs

  10. Future goals

  11. Questions