Thursday, April 12, 2012

May 19 - Carrie Lofty: Snakebite Scenes and Hollywood Plots: Writing Action with Heart

You have the beginning. You know how it should end. But what to do with those hundreds of pages in the middle? Use my so-called "snakebite scenes" to help characters acknowledge their deeper passions and bond over moments of danger--even when surviving everyday dramas--and analyze movie classics to see how Hollywood tells a rip-roaring story. For plotters, pantsers, and everyone in between, this course can unblock your creative process and help you add action and heart to every page.

June 23 - Short Fiction and You

Have you ever wanted to write a short story, but didn’t know how to begin? Do your short stories always seem to turn into novels? And just what is short fiction, anyway?
In this workshop we’ll discuss:
  • What is short fiction?
  • Why write short fiction?
  • What makes writing short fiction different from writing long fiction?
  • What goes into good short fiction?
Join Kelly Olmstead June 23 to explore the genre. As the workshop approaches, Kelly may post some short stories for people to read ahead of time.