Thursday, November 19, 2009

Madison's Got Talent...Saturday, November 21st

Don't miss Madison's Got Talent, Sat Nov 21 at the Middleton
. (7425 Hubbard Ave, Middleton, WI 53562 (608) 831-5564--Downstairs)

Our 'judge' panel will consist of authors, Ann
Voss Peterson, Chris Merrill, Kathryn Albright and Kathy Steffen (and
other authors who may come). : )

Entries must be ONE (full) PAGE, DOUBLE SPACED and ANONYMOUS, and may
consist of either the first page of a manuscript or a query letter
(all names/addresses fictionalized, please - e.g. Dear Agent Jane;
Sincerely, Hopeful Author).

To participate, please bring THREE COPIES (preferably paper-clipped
together) of your entry. There will be a chair set up outside the
door with a folder where you can put them on your way in. I will
leave the folder there until after introductions, etc.

I will read the entry out loud, and the four judges can look at the
copies, and offer commentary.

This will only work if we have participants, so please plan on coming
and consider bringing your work. : ) Thanks!