Sunday, February 20, 2011

March and April Meetings!

March 19th  - Amy Knupp - Plotting, Post-Its and Panic

Is your writing process bumpy at best?  Do you fall somewhere in the non-descript middle of the pantser vs. plotter scale?  Are you a layerer but not so much of a linear thinker?  Does pondering turning points make you long to scrub toilets?  The good news is you’re not alone.  More good news… you, too, can craft a marketable story in spite of the chaos known as your process…and yes, there will be storyboarding.

April 23rd - Ann Voss Peterson - Character Mining

Readers want stories with electrifying plots and crackling emotion.  The secret to achieve both is deep inside your characters.  Romantic suspense author Ann Voss Peterson will show you how to mine your characters' darkest fears and use the gems you discover to build emotionally satisfying character arcs and fuel great plots.