Monday, January 23, 2012

March 24: Using Emotion to Hook your Reader (presented by Chris Merrill)

They'll laugh. They'll cry. They'll kiss eight bucks goodbye!

Join Chris Merrill as she tells us all about using emotion to hook your reader and keep them coming back for more...

Webster defines catharsis as purification of the emotions through art. This is exactly what many readers are seeking when they pick up romances and other genre novels. By using laughter, tears, or a good scare, connect with your audience and give them the escape they are seeking by ramping up the emotional intensity of your story.

February 18: Being an Author in the New World of Publishing (presented by Lori Devoti)

In the past there was one path and one choice for anyone wanting to call
themselves "author." Get an agent. Submit to a publisher. Wait. Pray. Revise.

Now though there are many choices and a quick Google search will turn up authors who have declared success, some mega success, with them all.

But how do you know which is right for you and your books?

Join us in February as Lori Devoti leads a discussion on the multitude of
choices in today's publishing world. Come with your questions and your
experience. Let's talk.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Meeting!

Our guest speaker, Deborah Blum ( ), NYT bestselling author of the critically acclaimed The Poisoner's Handbook, will join us on Saturday, Jan 28th. We'll be discussing history's most famous poisoners and a look at the way that romance and relationships provided a motive for every one of those murder cases.
You can find information about Deborah Blum, this book and other articles and writing she's done at