Tuesday, April 26, 2011

May Meeting! Creating Sexual Tension and Writing Sweet, Seductive or Sizzling Sex Scenes

The next Mad City Romance meeting will be held May 21, at 9:30 a.m. at the Sequoya Library located at 4340 Tokay Boulevard, Madison, WI

Please Note Location—Meeting Moved for this Meeting Only!

Creating Sexual Tension and Writing Sweet, Seductive or Sizzling Sex Scenes

Workshop lead by: Jenna Reynolds

No matter what kind of romance you're writing, whether it's erotica, suspense, contemporary, urban fantasy, science fiction, historical or Christian, you'll going to need sexual tension. You may or may not have a sex/love scene or, if you do, you may choose to write it in all its graphic intensity or demurely close the bedroom door, but the sexual tension has to be there because that's one of the things readers are looking for when they pick up a romance or read a novel with a romantic subplot.

In the workshop Jenna will cover the following:
• Creating and maintaining sexual tension through the use of dialogue, interior monologue, word choice, the five senses and your characters' needs and fears.
• The Twelve Steps of Intimacy and how they can help with both sexual tension and sex/love scenes
• Sexual fantasies of both men and women and the ways they can help you write sizzling sex scenes.
• Sexual Personality Types and how they can help you create both internal and external conflict when it comes to sexual tension and your sex scenes.
• A list of helpful reference books and examples of sexual tension and/or sex scenes from books and movies.

If we have time, Jenna will also talk about how to integrate sexual tension and sex scenes into your plot and/or character arcs.

Warning: Due to the nature of the workshop, which may at times include the use of graphic language, please do not bring children to the meeting. Seriously!