Friday, June 10, 2011

June Meeting: Bring A Favorite Romance Novel

Bring a romance you love. If you're comfortable doing it, explain what the characters' core fears are, and why they work so well to create conflict in the book.
And/or, try to find a few descriptions or writing passages (sometimes they can even be a sentence, or phrase) that highlight a character, and we'll read some out loud to examine the writing and why it works so well. 
The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 25 from 9 to 12 at the Middleton library.
See you there.

Join us on July 23, 9:30 am at Middleton Library - Rachel Berens VanHeest will present a rendition of The Elevator Pitch

"So... what's your book about?"

We've all heard this question, right? Well, come to the July meeting to work on your answer!

This meeting, based heavily (with permission) on Carrie Lofty's WisRWA conference Elevator Pitch class, will go over the basics of how to create a short (35 word!) description of your book that you can use with potential agents, editors and readers.

Come prepared to work! We'll introduce the concept, and then everyone will start actively working on their elevator pitch. We'll wrap up by helping each other refine our newly created pitches.

Nothing ready to pitch? This is also a great technique to help you think through your current WIP and get some focus and clarity!