Wednesday, July 21, 2010

August Meeting: Revision

I Can’t Put it Down

Revision: Going Beyond "Mere Fiction"

Join the MadCityRomance meeting on August 28th and learn how to step away from your WIP to revise like both a story and line editor. Use revision to bring out the best writing you have in you! Discover techniques to:

  • See structure and pacing through all those words
  • Make sure every scene includes all the essential elements
  • Shape your writing and move beyond words on a page to give your reader an experience
  • Keep your reader turning the page: pull them into each scene and never let them go
  • The process to recognize and fix (or delete) the boring parts readers skip
  • Checklist to tighten and then tighten some more
  • Polish your prose until it sparkles

For anyone who missed the April meeting, this is your chance to take an up-close look at revision techniques. For those who attended in April, get a good reminder and a few bonus "tools" and examples to help you in revising your own writing.