Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monthly Meeting on Saturday, October 17

Saturday brought us more brainstorming and inspiration tools in the form of tarot cards. Jena Reynolds took us into the world of tarot, not as a "reading" or "fortune-telling" device, but as a visual aid to cause us to think outside our brain-boxes and jump-start ideas for plot, characters, scenes, descriptions, and just about anywhere else we get stuck in our writing. As some of us discovered, if the tarot deck is nothing like the feel of a WIP, so much the better! The cards engage that creative part of the brain, and once that happens, ideas come cascading in. 

And a few of us saw new decks we might like to procure at some point :o)

Attendance was at lucky 13. Other discussion points from the meeting:

Upcoming Meetings

November 21st Meeting

Bobbi Dumas let us know the November meeting (November 21st, 9:30, Middleton Library) will take the form of  "Madison's Got Talent" with a panel of authors to give suggestions on query letters and first pages of manuscripts. Everyone interested is encouraged to bring their one-page query letter or beginning first manuscript page (blind—with no hint as to the person submitting) and get comments.

Not to worry, Simon Cowell has not been invited. We will be sure to have a panel filled with kind, gentle, positive reinforcement with some constructive suggestions to polish those pages to perfection. This will be a great learning experience for everyone, even if you don't submit pages but just come to listen. And for those of us brave enough to submit, get a glimpse of what happens when someone reads your pages for the first time and what kind of impression is leading off your submission.

Stay tuned for more details on the MadRomance Loop!

December 19th Holiday Party

Since no one has offered up their home for our rowdy band of revelers, we will turn the library meeting room into a festive pot-luck holiday-central.  Details to come.

RWA Status

MadCityRomance has been approved for RWA status. The next steps are to find interim chapter officers, apply for a Federal Tax ID number, register our name, complete our membership roster, and write our bylaws. Kathy Steffen is beginning the steps and will keep us all updated as to where we stand in the process.

National Novel Writing Month

Is just about upon us. We have several members participating and if anyone else wants to jump in, sign up and we can all cheer each other on as we meet our astonishing writing goals with ease :o)