Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Meeting and December Party!

Nov. 20 ~ Round Table discussion on publishing/publishers with a group of published authors.  Bring questions to ask, or send ahead of time to moderator Bobbi Dumas.

Dec. 18 ~ Holiday Party at the Middleton Library.

We have the room from 10 - 3, brunch potluck from 11 to 2. And again this year there will be a book gift exchange - wrap a copy of a favorite book or two to put under the tree. (imaginary tree) :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meeting: Saturday, October 30th with Christine Merrill

Christine Merrill presents - Make Your Novel Sing:  Applying the pace and structure of a Broadway Musical to popular fiction.

Learn tricks and tips from live performance that will give your story the punch to keep your readers in their seats and your book from hitting the wall. 

Limited engagement!

Soon to be a major multi-media production!

(If you’re lucky.  At the very least, you’ll get handouts, and recorded music.)

As usual, meeting starts at 9:30 a.m. and will be held at the Middleton Library, map at right. Lunch afterwards. Admittance free, $1 donation requested. (lunch extra)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Upcoming Meetings

Save the dates! More details to come on each soon.

Sept. 18 (Carrie Lofty, speaker - season kick-off)
Oct. 30 (Chris Merrill, speaker)
Nov. 20 (panel of authors - Q & A on publishers/publishing)
Dec. will be the Holiday get-together.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

August Meeting: Revision

I Can’t Put it Down

Revision: Going Beyond "Mere Fiction"

Join the MadCityRomance meeting on August 28th and learn how to step away from your WIP to revise like both a story and line editor. Use revision to bring out the best writing you have in you! Discover techniques to:

  • See structure and pacing through all those words
  • Make sure every scene includes all the essential elements
  • Shape your writing and move beyond words on a page to give your reader an experience
  • Keep your reader turning the page: pull them into each scene and never let them go
  • The process to recognize and fix (or delete) the boring parts readers skip
  • Checklist to tighten and then tighten some more
  • Polish your prose until it sparkles

For anyone who missed the April meeting, this is your chance to take an up-close look at revision techniques. For those who attended in April, get a good reminder and a few bonus "tools" and examples to help you in revising your own writing.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Member wins in WisRWA Fab Five!

Mad City Romance member, Rachel Berens-VanHeest, won first place in the paranormal romance category of WisRWA’s Fab Five contest with her manuscript Arc Angel.


Rachel accepting her award from Karen Miller, Fab Five contest coordinator.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Meeting: Book Dissection

On May 22nd Rachel Berens-VanHeest will lead a book discussion on Talk Me Down Down by Victoria Dahl (HQN, 1/09). It's available from the library in limited numbers. Or order from: Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Read and discuss.  From the people who've already read the book (as heard at the April meeting), we expect a lively discussion.  Consider especially what worked for you with plot, characters, writing - and what, if anything,  didn't.  Hope you can join the conversation!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Upcoming Meetings

March 27 ~ Alex Bledsoe ~ Explore the history and nature of different classic "Monsters," and how they've been used (and abused) as romantic figures.

April 24~ Kathy Steffen Revisions workshop & panel
May 22nd Rachel Berens-Van Heest will lead a book dissection of Victoria Dahl’s sexy contemporary romance, TALK ME DOWN

June 26th ~ Ann Voss Peterson ~ Isn't It Romantic? Putting Romance in a Romance Novel.
With all the emphasis on sex and plot and building a world, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of what our genre is all about. Ann Voss Peterson will dig deep into the heart of the romance novel, help you build stronger relationships between your characters, and show how your whole story can come together to earn its happy ending.

All meetings list to be held at Middleton Library, 9:30 a.m. to noon on date listed.

Friday, February 12, 2010

We have a board!

The MadCityRomance Chapter Officers have been unanimously approved by the founding members. Thanks to those agreeing to serve on the board.  MadCityRomance is an amazing group, and these people have offered their talents to help facilitate the incredible sharing of knowledge, support and energy that makes this group so special.

Here is the official MadCityRomance Board:

Kathy Steffen 



Bobbi Dumas

Vice President


Jennifer Scratch



Jenafer Lloyd-Jones Humphries



Lori Devoti

VP Communications


Christine Merrill

PAN Liaison


Jean Staral

PRO Liaison

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nominations Open for Board Positions

In the interest of getting closer to affiliating with RWA National, it is time to elect a board. Following is a list of the board positions MadCity Romance needs to fill to go forward with RWA National affiliation. We are beginning the process by gathering nominations/volunteers for these positions. SEND ALL NOMINATIONS  to kathysteffen@charter.net. She will contact everyone who gets nominated and make sure the nominee is both interested and  able to serve.

Volunteers (or nominating one's self) is encouraged :o)

Three things to remember:

1. You must be a member of RWA National or in the process of joining to nominate/volunteer to nominate or volunteer.

2. Only nominate (someone or yourself) if you plan on becoming a member of MadCityRomance

3. Send nominations directly to kathysteffen@charter.net

Also, to affiliate with RWA National, we MUST fill the first four positions.

MadCityRomance Board Positions


  • Serve as spokesperson
  • Call, set agenda, and preside over board meetings
  • Execute chapter business as needed
  • Non-voting member of all committees
  • Liaison between chapter and RWA National office
  • Other duties as needed and designated by the Board

Vice President

  • Assume duties of President if s/he gets abducted by aliens
  • Plan/oversee all program-related activities (meetings, workshops, pencil box etc.)
  • New member contact (online and at meetings—new member info distribution)
  • Blog, loop, newspaper and other media meeting announcement
  • Other duties as needed and designated by the Board


  • Collects dues and supervises the collection and disbursement of chapter funds
  • Keeps chapter financial records and provides statement to Board every 6 months
  • Sends tax info to RWA Nationals
  • Works with Secretary to maintaining the list of "active" chapter members
  • Other duties as needed and designated by the Board


  • Keep up-to-date records of chapter members and attendance at meetings
  • Works with Treasurer to maintaining the list of chapter members
  • Contact members for annual membership renewal/expiration notice
  • Works with Vice President to maintain/archive all chapter related communications
  • Update blog and loop meeting recap
  • Other duties as needed and designated by the Board

Internet Communications

  • Blog and loop upkeep and maintenance (working with Secretary and Vice President)
  • Other duties as needed and designated by the Board

PAN Liaison

  • Must be PAN member
  • Liaison between PAN and PAN chapter members

PRO Liaison

  • Must be PRO member
  • Liaison between PRO and PRO chapter members

Board members must be RWA General members in good standing.

All positions with the exception of the President are voting positions.

A conflict of interest statement (board member declares if they have a conflict between chapter and business, etc. interests) will need to be signed. The full statement will be sent to nominees prior to election.

Remember, send the nominations to kathysteffen@charter.net

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Upcoming Meetings

Jan 30 ~ Plotting Party, see details in previous post

Feb 27 ~ World Building Monica Valentinelli will bring her
expertise from the fantasy/game world on how to create and strengthen other worlds in the writing process. Plus, a panel of genre authors will discuss how they do this in their own writing.

March 27 ~ Alex Bledsoe speaking on Monsters

April 24 - Revision workshop Kathy Steffen will lead a a quick
overview workshop on the editing/revision process and a panel of
authors will give commentary (more details to come)

All meetings start at 9:30 a.m. and will be held at Middleton Wisconsin Library.

Come Plot with Us

Plotting Party
Saturday, January 30th
Middleton Library 9:30 - 12

Kick off your new year with a brief
introduction to story structure and then break-out groups for
individual story plotting (most of you have done this before, so you
know how it goes - if you have questions, let me know). Harlequin Historical author Christine Merrill  will lead the plotting intro.

Lunch after!